How I found solace in camping: A black woman's journey

    In 2008, I had a friend who lived in a house on thirty two acres of land. Whenever I would visit her, it was if I was visiting another country. Although I'm accustomed to living in larger cities, this lifestyle of foreign but intriguing to me. On one visit she took me to a tent by a creek on the property. It was so relaxing there, I decided to sleep there that

    night. It was a night that changed my life. I hadn't slept that well in years. From that night, I was determined to incorporate more time in nature.

    I went back to the city and bought my first tent. I also started researching campsites and camping gear. At first, my attempts to get friends and family to accompany me to camp were futile so, I went by myself. My experiences have been priceless. One thing that I have noticed is that if I'm sleeping on a mattress for too long without camping, my body starts to ache. As soon as I sleep on the ground, the pain goes away. This is why I won't buy an RV because sleeping on the ground is very therapeutic to me. Learning to start a fire and cook a meal over one was a challenge but now a mastered skill.


    Through out the years I have camped in state parks, federal parks, BLM land, beaches, and in other countries. I've only come across one snake which wasn't even moving in my direction, some squirrels, raccoons, wild donkeys, spiders, rabbits, and mosquitos… no bears. I invested in good tents so I've never gotten wet even in the strongest storms. I also have a bathroom tent where I shower and relieve myself. I've also met a few nice people while camping. I never felt like I was in danger. Campers are usually far enough apart for privacy but close enough that if one was to yell, everyone could hear you.


    After returning from camping back to society, I've noticed I'm much more patient and at peace with everything. My next goals are to learn how to fish and hunt so that I may stay out there longer. My goal is to be able to camp at least a month off the grid. With everything that’s going on, I feel the need to be able to survive without the dependence of any corporations or government.


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