Live Your Life!!!

    I had a patient last week with a gun shot wound to the head. As I'm having a conversation with them with they're eye dislocated... hanging on their cheek,  I was reminded of a grim reality: until it's your time for you to die,  you're not going anywhere.

    Over the years I've spoken to many on their death beds and I've NEVER heard anyone regret buying a bigger house,  more expensive car or anything material. The conversations were always about things that were absolutely free such as spending time with their loved ones, moments that made them happy such as walking on a beach,  fishing, pets, or any other hobby. It was these interactions that reminded me that life is too short and that chasing money to acquire material things was not living but existing. The harsh reality for many us is that those things NEVER fulfill the ego and soon one will find themselves on a "hamster wheel" we call life. Ironically, it's not true living.

    Facing mortality through the eyes of many has taught me to appreciate the little things and live in a constant state of gratitude. I cherish walking on beaches, traveling and meeting people from different walks of ife, watching sunrises and sunsets because tomorrow is not promised.

    My biggest lesson: when it's your time to leave this earth there is no medication, machine, or human that can keep you here and until its your time to go, nothing can take you out... no car accident, gun shot wound, disease, virus or bacteria ... NOTHING. So, enjoy your life while you're here. Whatever puts a smile on your face, do that as much as possible.


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