Rootworker Chronicles

    My walk, my accent when I talk, my cooking, my mannerisms all are a result of my gumbo of Southern roots....Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana.


    My ancestors survived on this continent through a period of time that included one of the worst crimes against humanity... one that many bloodlines did not survive. Yet, I am here. "The blood has already been shed," they tell me. "You are to step into this power UNAPOLOGETICALLY!!! "We had to hide who we were so that you don't have to." Those of us who have the power to heal also have to power to kill. It is a gift and a curse... one that is sought out by many. This knowledge has been instrumental in our survival.

    This is NOT a path of self-gratification  but of servitude. One is (re)born into this legacy. Rootwork is not a cute hobby or a fashion statement.




    So, come sit down at my table, have a piece of cornbread and some REAL soul food... the kind that nourishes the soul


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