The Rememberance: My First trip to Africa

    "Your ancestors are calling you back" I was told, the day before I left for Ghana. It was 9/23/2006. At the time I thought I was going there to study dance for 3 months. Little did I know it would be my 1st spiritual initiation. Yet, my message to a few before my journey was "I'm not coming back the same" and I didn't.


    About a month after I arrived, I had a vision of a trail that divided at a tree. In that vision I saw people lined up along the right trail with smiles on their faces. Then a voice said, "They're waiting on you." Two days later, I had arrived at this tree (pictured right). So as instructed, we went to the right. I was amazed to be greeted by the village including the Chief who resembled my uncle from South Carolina (pictured at the top sitting to the left of me). It was clear that the bone structure STILL remained the same after all these years. After my initial greeting, they introduced me to the elders of the village. They looked me straight in my eyes and repeated in Ewe, "She's come back." That night, they invited me to a ceremony where I witnessed them dancing EXACTLY how we would "shout" in the Pentecostal church services in Louisiana. As my eyes filled with tears of joy, I KNEW my ancestors were reminding me of who I was and that my spiritual experiences in the church had NOTHING to do with Christianity. We've BEEN doing this.

    Little did I know that this was an initiation into a rabbit hole of self rememberance. 



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